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An Epic Journey of A Creative, Multi-Talented, Serial Entrepreneur

While there were a few item I drew at a very young age, I did not truly explore my artistic talent until I was in high school, where I dabbled in several art mediums, including scratchboard, charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oil painting. 

After high school, with a passion for creative, free-lance entrepreneurialism, I placed my fine art aside to focus more on graphic design. When my children were young, I co-owned an environmental tee-shirt shop with their father for several years in Estes Park, CO called EARTH*PRINTS, where I not only created beautiful wearable art, but also designed digital logos, flyers, signs and other marketing material for local businesses. 

In addition, I designed and published a small eight-page Sunbird Wellness Newsletter supported by a few paying advertisers, that maintained a small subscription base within 14 states. This was just prior to computers, so as you can imagine, I was quite busy cutting and pasting and laying out the entire originals by hand!  

Just as we were entering the new millennium, I purchased my very first computer and discovered digital design. Soon thereafter, I published a professional 32-page quarterly publication, the Alive & Well! Magazine -- which had a distribution rate of 8000 copies in northern Colorado with an average of 36 supporting advertisers per quarterly issue. This amazing commitment allowed me to utilize my creative talents in writing, editing, magazine and ad design -- as well as learn the whole business of print publishing.

Fine Art remained secondary in my many years of creative entrepreneurship. Another passion and talent of mine is being empathically adept at reading bodies, healing internal organs, and mentoring men, women and couples in mastering their emotions, communication skills and their relationships.  Thus, my primary focus during the first half of my life was in Medical Intuition, MindBody Wellness & Life/Love Coaching  (hence The Body Whisperer), which I continue to do to this day...   

Then the day came and I realized it was time to get back into Fine Art.  While I still am occasionally seeing clients and am currently developing a MBI certification program that teaches health practitioners to become MindBody Integration coaches and healers... in prep for 2020, I've dramatically increased my focus on developing my Fine Art talent. :)))

Another secret talent of mine is Domestic Design and building wood projects in my home shop. I have always enjoyed designing and creating more efficient, attractive living spaces. I will soon offer "before and after" photos and videos of some of my building designs and projects on my upcoming website: BoChic Designs.com (to be published by May 2019).

Of course, I have a few other secrete talents and hobbies only my family and friends know... such as my being a photographer, musician and song writer. So, as you can see, I was born a natural cultural creative; a multi-talented and multi-faceted artist, designer, musician, healer and entrepreneur...

I have clearly lived a full life doing what I LOVE and loving what I DO. <3

So please bare with me, as I slowly upload the photos of my "older" artwork into this new virtual FINE ART GALLERY, pieces that were completed as early as 1975!  Soon you will find portraits of wild animals and ethnic people, classic charcoal nudes, plus a few oil and acrylic land/seascapes. After this, I will upload more of my "current" multi-media art work, which will surely be a combination of realism, light abstract and impressionism. I will also be sure to display my first nude clay sculpture (even if unfinished), created during a more recent visit to Vancouver, BC (2011) .

If you haven't already, I recommend you SIGN UP TO RECEIVE UPDATES and I promise that you will be pleased to view the upcoming beautiful paintings, drawings and sculptures, very soon!  Also, for those interested in purchasing originals and prints -- these will become available later this year, if not the beginning of 2020. :)))

Thank you for reading my Epic Journey - Please enjoy the art work, and as always please share your feedback with me. I'd love to hear from you!!

:)))  Jill Marie

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