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About Jill Marie

Body Whisperer

Jill Marie is an author, speaker, coach, teacher & founder of the Intuitive Visceral Healing (IVH) technique. She specializes in Authentic Communication & MindBody Mastery. 

She is a natural medial intuitive that began reading and performing healing sessions shortly after losing a significant portion of her hearing at the young age of four. With more than three decades of professional experience, Jill Marie has helped thousands of clients heal and improve the posture of their mind, body & relationships.

Jill Marie is the contributing author for Arielle Ford's Hot Chocolate for The Mystical Lover, and is current writing her first book: YOUR BODY IS YOUR ORACLE: Tools for Accessing Your Inner Guru & Healing Your Body, Mind & Relationships

She is the founder of IVH - Intuitive Visceral Healing, a transformational mindbody system and technique taught to healers and health care professionals who desire to deepen their intuition and awareness, while enhancing the healing and connection with their clients.


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