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The Body Whisperer

Author, healer, artist, mentor and speaker, Jill Marie is a master at helping you get in touch with your true Authentic Self and improving the posture of your MindBody & Relationships. Her areas of expertise includes Visceral Healing, MindBody Mastery, Authentic Communication, Sacred Sexual Polarity and Relationship Empowerment.

EAR AWAKENING STORY: At the early age of four, Jill Marie suddenly lost a significant portion of her hearing, due to a high fever with the German Measles.

Unaware of this hearing deficit until age 24, she learned to cope in her childhood years by observing and reading facial expressions, eye movements, tone of voice and body language... what she refers to as: Listening Beyond Words. 

As a result, Jill Marie developed strong empathic skills at a very early stage in her life. 

A gifted healer and empath, Jill Marie has the ability to sense what people think, feel and need on an intuitive level. Her passion and talent for helping others "feel good" with her magical, intuitive healing touch led her to over 10k hrs of study in body therapies, nutritional kinesiology, mindbody medicine, spiritual development, human behavior and relationship coaching.

A mentor and healer for over three decades, Jill Marie has since helped thousands of clients dramatically improve the posture of their mind, body & relationships.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: Over the years, Jill Marie has mentored a number of apprentices. In her meditation, she had been summoned to teach her work on a broader scale.

Many novices and seasoned healthcare professionals alike crave to learn more about the Wisdom of the Body, and seek to improve their hands-on intuitive healing, as well as authentic communication and coaching skills. 

To fulfill this calling, she decided to offer a Certified MBT (MindBody Therapist) program that develop a specialized Intuitive Visceral Healing (IVH) technique and MindBodyRelationship (MBR) Mastery courses.  

An exceptionally creative and talented entrepreneur, Jill Marie is also an artist, musician, writer, blogger and magazine publisher. 

She is a contributing author for Arielle Ford's Hot Chocolate for The Mystical Lover, and is current writing her first book: THE BODY ORACLE: Tools for Accessing Your Inner Guru & Healing Your Body, Mind & Relationships

Jill Marie's greatest passion is to help others transform their lives for the better. Her wisdom, compassion and down to earth nature makes you feel instantly comfortable, like you've known her forever. Her uncanny, insightful, down-to-earth guidance helps you to quickly peel past the layers of protection and facade to see your true strengths and potential.

Whether you are seeking personal healing, body awareness and optimal wellness, or you desire to enhance your communication and relationship skills, or you crave to become more aligned with who you are and what you were meant to do and be in this lifetime, Jill Marie's promise is to
"help you get there -- faster!"  


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